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November Dawn Patrol Session at Rincon



By now it should be plainly obvious that Rincon Surf Blog has not been getting updated regularly.  The reason for that is the advent of the new, broader-scope website that is its replacement -- www.SantaBarbaraSurfer.com

The new site is heavily laden with Rincon content as well as much, much more, so you can continue to receive quality photos and stories there...


A September to Remember

September 2009 Best in Recent Memory

El Niño has already began to bestow gifts upon the surfers of Rincon as several good days of swell have wrapped around the point over the past few weeks.  September is usually a quiet month at The 'Con, but the warm water anomaly has already created some WNW swell energy and Fall has only just begun.  Later this week, a combination of windswell/groundswell is forecast to keep things rolling as we enter the month of October...

Season Opener Swell Arrives Early

Rincon local Andrew Buck spends some time on the nose at Rincon recently

All's Quiet at The 'Con, But Fall is Just Around the Corner

Dane Reynolds takes to the air at Point Mugu last weekend

Point Mugu Surf Contest 2009 Goes Off Without a Hitch!
Expression Session Features Pro Surfers Dane Reynolds, Nathan Fletcher & Kalani Robb

Let's face it.  In August there's not a whole lot to talk about surfing-wise at Rincon.  Thanks to a steady diet of Southern-Hemi energy and a surf contest at a secure military base, surfers at least have had some way to whet their appetites for surf while the Queen lays dormant awaiting the first Westerly pulses of Fall.

Please visit our sister site, www.SantaBarbaraSurfer.com for ongoing surfing news and stories until the North Pacific starts kicking its heels up and sending some surf our way.

Southern-Hemi Surge Rocks Indicator

                          L. Paul Mann photo courtesy of Noozhawk

The Queen Wakes Up Thanks to Southern-Hemisphere Swell

Normally mid- to late-summer is a time when The Queen is asleep.  The pressure gradients that drive local windswells mellow, leaving the local coastline practically devoid of any signs of life, or at least of rideable surf - forcing local surfers to travel either North or South to score decent surf.  This past weekend, however, an anomaly occurred, created by a Southern-Hemisphere storm that sent big and burly lines up inside the Santa Barbara Channel to unload solid left-handers at the top of Rincon Point. Beginning on Friday and lasting through Sunday, conditions were ripe, and the lineup was at times crowded as goofy-footers reveled in the opportunity to go frontside at The 'Con...

Meanwhile, surfers who opted to travel found epic, double-overhead surf from Ventura to the Mexican border and beyond.  I myself travelled South to LA County to shoot a group of locals who stroked into some killer barrels at a spot called Drainpipes.

Pictured below are Brandon Smith of Channel Islands Surfboards and Tarik Khashoggi of J7.

Be sure to check out more images from Backside Rincon taken by L. Paul Mann here.

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The Endless Summer

The Women & the Waves Receives Critical Acclaim

Note from Producer Heather Hudson:

Greetings Friends, Family and Fellow Surfers,  I love July!

Surfer Magazine, August '09 Issue:   "Through thought-provoking commentary, archival and modern footage, and interviews with a handful of well-cast female surfers--former world champions Linda Benson and Kim Mearig, as well as upcoming pros and lifelong surfers--this 48 minute film documents the evolution of female surfing.  Not focused on logos, it serves as a well-rounded, indie account of the estrogen filled side of the sport."

In addition to our website:  www.thewomenandthewaves.com,  we are now available on www.Surfline.com, www.Wetsand.com, www.SurfVideo.com 

Announcing the All-New Santa Barbara Surfer.com

Rincon local Deb Trauntvein finds some fun summer surf this past weekend

Announcing version 2.0

I am proud to announce an all-new web project that is shaping up to likely be a valuable resource to local surfers far and beyond the scope of this site.  Santa Barbara Surfer has been online now for close to 2 years, and now it is time for version 2.0 to pick up where Rincon Surf Blog stops, providing a complete and total web portal for all watermen and surfers in the Santa Barbara Area.  If you have any interesting or intriguing material to contribue to this new site (e.g., photos, stories) now is your chance to get published online...

PLEASE VISIT www.SantaBarbaraSurfer.com and let me know what you think!


Video of the Day:  Morgan Massens's Super-8 Special

FREE Channel Islands BBQ This Sunday, Surfline / Reef Photo Challenge

From the CI Crew:

"Please join us this Sunday, July 12th, from 1-4 PM in the back of the SB shop for a free BBQ and to take advantage of our special one day promotions. Hope to see you there!"


Good News to Share

I just received notification that my Kelpy Rincon image posted below won the most recent monthly photo competition on Surfline's Reef Photo Challenge.  Needless to say, I am very stoked at the moment... 

Here's the link:  http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/reef-photo-challenge-winner

Loa Tree Redwood Blanks & Boards, The Women & The Waves in Ventura

This image that I captured during this year's Rincon Classic is pretty trippy, don't you think?  Like something out of a Jules Verne novel...

Loa Tree Announces Special Summer Offerings

Alaia Redwood Craze Takes Root Locally

David Fortson
is proud to announce that he's got an available supply of Redwood Surfboard/Alaia Blanks that came from locally reclaimed redwood.  They measure 9 feett tall, 3/4 inches thick and 18 inches wide -- perfect blanks for making your own Alaia board or making a beautiful board to hang on your wall.  They're super eco-friendly.  Also available are custom designed Alaia's by JayaWave, hand-crafted by accomplished surfer/woodworker John  Birchim. 

Click here to see some good photos of blanks and finished products.  If you'd like to speak to David live, feel free to call him at (805) 450-2357.  Or simply email him at roots@loatree.com.  

An Eco-Lifestyle Collective
...for inspiring lives. 



Surf Film Celebrating Women Who’ve Paved the Way is An Official Selection of the Ventura Film Festival


(VENTURA, CA. — July 2, 2009)  “I never wanted to surf like a girl,” smiles 64-year-old surf legend Linda Benson, “But now it’s different…they’re really good!”  For women who have paddled head-first into a once male dominated sport, surfing is not only a daily passion, but a way of life.  Battling fierce tides and stereotypes, female surfers from every decade are connected by a common thread:  they are “The Women in the Waves.” 

This Sunday, July 5, 2009 @ 6pm, The Women and the Waves presented by Surf Her Skin Care, screens at the Majestic Ventura Theater, 26 S. Chestnut, Ventura, Ca.  Shot in High Definition in California, Mexico and Hawaii, the independent film features surfing legend, Linda Benson, 80’s champion, Kim Mearig, musician and shaper, Ashley Lloyd, and more!  Producer Heather Hudson will be in attendance for a Q &.A following the 48 minute film.  “I wanted to give recognition to the women, famous or not, who have paved the way for other women to surf.  Each generation has made it easier for the next to get out in the water.”


Linda Benson, Ashley Lloyd, Heather Tiddens, Kim Mearig, Robin Janizeufski-Hesson “Zeuf”, Deb Trauntvein, Jennifer Useldinger, Aubrey Falk, Rachel Harris & Shakira Westdorp

Music by:

Franklin for Short, Saltwater Cowboys (Denny Aaberg, Sam Adams), Ashley Lloyd, Seth Pettersen, Rory Anton, McKinley, Kathy Fry, David Greenbaum, Ian Fry, Brian Gore, Glenn R. Burke, Michael Lehman, Icarus Music, & Dr. Surf

Exectutive Producer, Director: Heather Hudson
Co-Producer, Co-Director, Camera, Editor: Peck Euwer

For more information please contact:

Graciegirl LLC / Executive Producer, Heather Hudson
phone:    (805)708-4608
e-mail:    graciegirlsurf@gmail.com 
website:  www.thewomenandthewaves.com

Point Mugu Surf Contest 2009 (PMSC2): "Registration is now open"


NBVC Pt. Mugu Now Accepting Entry Forms For 2nd Annual Surf Contest
August 22 - 23, 2009

Don't miss this extremely rare opportunity to compete at one of the most heralded yet inaccessible breaks on the entire California Coast, legendary Point Mugu on the Ventura County Naval Base. 

Open registration runs  July 8 – 17, 2009.  Advanced registration is required!

Entry Fee: Military $20 / Civilian $100

Divisions: Body Boarder, Juniors, Women, Longboard, Military, Open

Please visit the Navy's Navy's website for more information.